Placement Officer

Dr. S. Tiroumal Mouroughane, Assistant Professor / IT has been appointed as Placement Officer for a period of two years 2023– 25. His responsibilities include :

  • To prepare Brochures for departments and send to prospective companies by April of every year.
  • To identify three student representatives for the department who will actively participate in placement work.
  • To correspond to prospective companies for interview date and schedule of events.
  • To arrange for interview facilities at the campus and written test halls.
  • To receive the personnel and provide necessary inputs about the college and to co-ordinate student representatives for smooth functioning at various locations (interview halls, written test halls, canteen etc.)
  • To collect the appointment letters or correspond to get them as soon as the interview is over.
  • To distribute appointment letters and collect acceptance letters from the students and dispatch to employees with in the stipulated period.
  • To identify a standby placement officer to take over the responsibilities during the absence of Placement Officer.

Department-wise  Student Representatives:

At least Three students from each branch of study will be chosen as Placemat representatives. They have to perform the following duties :

  • To collect bio-data with students having primary eligibility at the start of the 7th semester and to verify their credentials with respect their marks sheets and once the results of a semester has been obtained, update the data and the eligible students for that semester are listed.
  • To obtain the information about possible visit from the placement officer and depending on the eligibility criteria asked by the organization, submit the bio-data of students to the placement officer.
  • To inform the students about the date and time of interview.
  • To be present at the time of interview on a date given along with the two student representatives.
  • To regulate students who have to be interviewed as per the order given by the employer.
  • To collect the list of selected students and inform the students individually.
  • To distribute the appointment letters to the students and get the acceptances letters and give them to the placement officer.
  • To inform the date and time of campus interview / written test to the respective instructors who take classes for the final year students prior to that date. The instructors should engage the class if at least 50% of students attend the class on the date of campus interview.